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Piet replied a year ago
Getting Started


This post contains links to topics that will introduce you to CODA if you are not familiar with the product, and also to this community and its structure.

It is a little different to the spreadsheet and word processors that we are used to. But it opens the door to a very powerful tool, that provides functionality far beyond spreadsheets and word processors can provide.

This post contains a Coda marketing video as an introduction. Less than 2 minutes.

In CODA - Getting Started - Part 1 there is a little more detailed explanation of basic Coda functionalities, using a... (More)

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Getting Started


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Galvanized wire including

Galvanized wire including

Electro-galvanized Iron Wire and Hot-dip Galvanized Iron Wire is a type of steel wire that's undergone additional protection processes.

Annealed wire is heated to restore ductility, but even that process leaves the metal with a few vulnerabilities. It can suffer from corrosion, scratches and will become much less effective over time. That leads to rust and can undermine the integrity of the wire, resulting in repair and even replacement costs.

Galvanized wire is an additional step. It involves dipping the metal into a bath of molten zinc. When the zinc dries it confers a secondary layer of... (More)


counter machine

Are you interested in buying a cash counter machine and you are overwhelmed by the technology or the choices available? Well, you are not the only one that gets into such confusion.

There are many factors that one needs to consider when they are buying a money counting machine. However, depending on where you want to use the machine, you may as well buy what is readily available. Some people do not want to use their money counting machines daily. In this case, you may not necessarily require a very expensive machine. You may also buy the cash counter machine... (More)