What is CODA?

CODA is a no-code app. That means that people with no experience can use it to create advanced documents to assist them in their daily work, but CODA is also full featured enough that it is primarily used in organisations at the moment. You can therefor start using it with assurance that your needs are very unlikely to outgrow the capabilities of CODA.

The best way to understand CODA, is to see what it can do. This Welcome to CODA Doc provides a quick overview of some the CODA features. First example is "Table and text together". BUT this "together" is very different to the "together" in your average word processor with tables or spreadsheet. From the canvas (where words are written) you can reference information that is inside a table, and manipulate it.

Not only can you "See it different ways" by creating views that filter rows, hide columns and do conditional formatting, you can also "Change layouts" of the table between table, calendar, kanban style cards and even Gant charts.

You can also "Make it interactive" by having team members work together on the same document - the One Source of Truth that everybody is looking for.

Go ahead, and try it out. The Doc is interactive, so you can play around with the features.