One of the most frustrating things in SAP implementations. is the amount of knowledge that gets hidden in emails. And when you need it, it is a search and a scramble to find the information in time to respond to a query 3 months later. To address that, I have developed the linked CODA document. I called it Knowledge Acquisition Tool, because it is not about Knowledge Management, it is to facilitate and improve the process of developing the knowledge in the first place.

It also does not replace the other repositories of information in a typical SAP (or other) software implementation. The Functional Design Documents, the Process Flow documents, Functional Specification documents, etc all remain in place.

So what does this document do? It enables a process that can greatly reduce the email flows that take place, and collate the information that is usually shared via email in a single repository for each gap/ development request.

The basic technical structure is very simple, but powerful. But it HAS to be accompanied by a strong set of project development processes.

The docement is in working condition, but there are some optional automations (e.g. sending emails) that I would still like to do. But I thought I would share it, to see if there are anybody out there willing to make suggestions for improvements,

More details in the comments below.