This post contains links to topics that will introduce you to CODA if you are not familiar with the product, and also to this community and its structure.

It is a little different to the spreadsheet and word processors that we are used to. But it opens the door to a very powerful tool, that provides functionality far beyond spreadsheets and word processors can provide.

This post contains a Coda marketing video as an introduction. Less than 2 minutes.

In CODA - Getting Started - Part 1 there is a little more detailed explanation of basic Coda functionalities, using a Coda doc put together by Coda.

 In CODA - Getting Started - Part 2 there is a link to a Doc called Learn that Coda prepared to provide a comprehensive learning experience of Coda functionality. I strongly recommend that you review this document, review the topics that interest you at the moment, but also regularly revisit it to gradually expand your general knowledge about the product. 

In CODA - Getting started - This Community is an overview of the functionality of the environment in general, and the structure of the Coda Education Community specifically.