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Examples and information about formulas, both in tables, and on the canvas.

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Show the maximum value of each group in a table.

One often has the need to show the largest value of a subgroup of records.

In this Coda Archive doc, the person wanted to make notes for stock symbols, and have a view where only the most recent note for each stock symbol is shown.
(But the applications are endless: the best student in each class in the form or grade; the winner of each even at an athletics meet, etc.)

Please refer to the document for an example implementation.

Step 1 Add a column to determine the latest date for each stock symbol.

Step 2 Add a column... (More)

Some very simple formulas using dates.

(Examples from Rambling Pete's Quick Examples)

Remember to always start a formula with an equal sign

To see the formula, click on the green highlighted area

For full list of date formulas, see the Coda Formula help list

First on the Canvas

To add one day to today’s date

2/11/2021 =Today() +1

Alternative method

2/17/2021 =Today()+days(7)

Add a month to a date:

3/10/2021 = today().RelativeDate(1)

Add 7 working days to a date

2/19/2021 =Today().Workday(7)

What is the name of a given date?

Wednesday =Today().WeekdayName()

Examples of the above as formulas in a table:

In table formulas referencing a column... (More)

In this video on the official CODA YouTube channel, Maria gives a basic introduction to formulas.


Wish I had seen this when I started.