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Getting Started

CODA provides an excellent Doc with basic information to get you started.

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Getting Started


This post contains links to topics that will introduce you to CODA if you are not familiar with the product, and also to this community and its structure.

It is a little different to the spreadsheet and word processors that we are used to. But it opens the door to a very powerful tool, that provides functionality far beyond spreadsheets and word processors can provide.

This post contains a Coda marketing video as an introduction. Less than 2 minutes.

In CODA - Getting Started - Part 1 there is a little more detailed explanation of basic Coda functionalities, using a... (More)

Getting Started

CODA - Getting started - This Community

The aim of this community is to spread information about CODA and provide a structured environment in which to discover CODA and its many functionalities.

This community is built using It is a platform that provides a wide set of functionalities to manage and build a community.

On the left you will see "Your Feed", "Groups" and "Topics". Your Feed works basically like Facebook, but the Groups and Topics allows us to structure the environment.

Currently there are three Groups. When you make a post, it is in the Main feed by default. But you can also choose from... (More)

Getting Started

CODA - Getting Started - Part 2

Once you have joined Coda (there is a free basic version) and you created your first Doc, you are faced with a choice - you can either use a template, or start a blank document.

There are excellent templates, and I do recommend that you review them. However, for the purposes of this community, I am going to assume that you are ready to start learning CODA functionality.

The first step is to go to the Learn Doc that Coda created. In there Maria has 4 Chapters, Coda Essentials, Formula essentials, Designing docs and Coda in action. It... (More)

Getting Started

CODA - Getting Started - Part 1

What is CODA?

CODA is a no-code app. That means that people with no experience can use it to create advanced documents to assist them in their daily work, but CODA is also full featured enough that it is primarily used in organisations at the moment. You can therefor start using it with assurance that your needs are very unlikely to outgrow the capabilities of CODA.

The best way to understand CODA, is to see what it can do. This Welcome to CODA Doc provides a quick overview of some the CODA features. First example is "Table and text together".... (More)